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Slow cooked bbq pork chop recipe? Prefer slow baked in oven.?

Question by lina inverse: Slow cooked bbq pork chop recipe? Prefer slow baked in oven.?

not too familiar with cooking pork chops, but i do know that my husband prefers them cooked slowly for a long time.

i would like a bbq pork chop recipe for the oven (i can use bottled bbq sauce), but need a few tips and the timing and so forth. i have a crock pot if necessary, but if i can use the regular oven that would be better.

thanks in advance!

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Answer by TX2step
As much as I don’t like Shake & Bake, the BBQ glaze mix is actually pretty good! In fact, I’m making that tonight with pork chops:) … Otherwise, you can dry rub them (chili powder, paprika, garlic salt, pepper, cumin) and cover with foil – slow bake at 300 for a few hours (depending on weight) and uncover, baste with a BBQ sauce, just the last 15 min or so. This also would work for boneless or bone-in ribs (beef & pork) and chicken……

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